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Original Church

Goshen History

First Pastor.jpg
Elder Berryman Wren
Goshen's First Pastor

Goshen Primitive Baptist Church was constituted on September 21, 1832 and is the oldest Primitive Baptist Church West of the Mississippi.

A Short History About Goshen Church


    On August 9,1832, a small band of people gathered at a home on a hill overlooking the sleepy village of Wilton, MO and the mighty Missouri River to discuss constituting a Church in their area. Following this meeting, the Church was constituted on September 21, 1832, with the following 12 members:  Issac Wilcoxen, Rebecca Wilcoxen, William Matthews, Helen Matthews, Samuel Wilcoxen, Millie Wilcoxen, Ezekiel Wilcoxen, Perry Spencer, Elisa Spencer, Nancy Bittle, Susan Collier and Mary Jamieson.  Elder Berryman Wren was called to be the first pastor of the Church. The name chosen for the Church was Goshen, taken from the Bible and meaning shelter or refuge.

    Over the years, several pastors served the Church. The longest standing pastor was Elder Lloyd Sapp, who served for 45 years. Elder Sapp was instrumental in bringing Goshen Church to the Progressive movement of the Primitive Baptists while still adhering to the doctrine of grace.


    The original Church, a 24'x24' log cabin structure, was recorded as being too small for its members and was sold in an auction and hauled off. A new Church, the current base structure, was rebuilt in 1875. Goshen Church has seen several additions and remodels over the years to keep it in a condition that would be pleasing to God.  Goshen is indeed a blessed Church and has held steadfast and strong over the years. Although some of the members today can trace their history back to the original 12 founding members, Goshen continues to be blessed by its diverse growth in membership and attendance by many families that have come to call Goshen a home to raise their children in the love and grace of the Lord in this special place.

    Many groups are active in the Church today. We have our Bible study and worship service each Sunday morning. Our Primitive Baptist Youth Fellowship (PBYF) is an active group, which enjoys a youth camp each summer and events throughout the year. Our Ladies Circle enjoys monthly meetings and they work to promote many projects for the Church and community.  Both our senior adults and young adults have bi-weekly Bible studies. Families and individuals enjoy many types of fellowship with special activities throughout the year including our annual chicken supper, a sweethearts banquet, local trips for entertainment, luncheons, vacation Bible school, hay rides and so much more. 

Original Members of Goshen when constituted September 21, 1832:

Issac Wilcoxen

Rebecca Wilcoxen

William Matthews

Helen Matthews

Samuel Wilcoxen

 Millie Wilcoxen

Ezekiel Wilcoxen

Perry Spencer

Elisa Spencer

Nancy Bittle

Susan Collier

Mary Jamieson

Pastors of Goshen Church

Elder Berryman Wren, 1832-1867

Elder Fred Jenkins, 1868-1872

Elder Maston Doty, 1872-1875

Elder J. A. Lee, 1876-1877

Elder Howard Jackson, 1877-1881

Elder G.M. (Gregg) Thompson, 1881-1888

Elder Ira Turner, 1889-1890

Elder Sterling P. Glascock was ordained at Goshen then moved to Phelps County to pastor a church.

The church went 11 years without a regular pastor.

Elder B. F. Query, 1901-1919

Elder Loyd Sapp, 1920-1965

Elder Ralph Morris, 1964-1965

Licentiate Wallace Johnson, 1965-1966 ordained at Goshen May 1, 1966

Elder Wallace Johnson, 1966-1969

Elder Lloyd Denton, 1969-1974

Elder Steve Flowers, 1975-1977

Elder Carl Campbell, 1977-1980

Elder Wallace Johnson, 1981-1985

Elder Steve Flowers, 1985-1987

Elder Berley Welch, 1987-1989

Elder Marvine Tolle, 1989-2003

Elder Steve Taylor, 2005-2007

Elder Steve Flowers, 2008-2011

Elder Steve Taylor, 2012-2015

Elder Jim Bowen, 2016-2018

Elder Aaron Beaty, 2019-Present



Elder Aaron Beaty and his family joined our church in 2019, being called from Alabama. He brings a fresh and knowledgeable understanding of the Bible through grace and his love for God.  Join us on Sunday or feel free to listen to his sermons through this website online.

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