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Starting them Young!

Baby Helen

Congratulations 2024 Graduates!
-- Maggie and Avary --


New Baptistry, Hattie and Dotty Baptized

Blessings Abound... 

The last week in March, 5 NEW members! God is SO Good!

Goshen Welcomes Dotty and Tim, Hattie,

and Elder Craig and Sister Cindy Campbell (not pictured)

Goshen's Annual SOUP-er BOWL 2024 

Susan (3rd place), Jordan (2nd place), Gail & Ava tied Winners

Goshen's First Christmas Dinner & Play 2023

Jenna and Cathy Music Special

12-3-23 Special Music Final
00:00 / 04:34
Spring Meeting Choir Special 5-23
00:00 / 03:31

Goshen Celebrates their Graduates

Layton & Valerie May 14, 2023

Brother Aaron's Children Sermon on the Significance/Humbling

Yourself to Washing Another's Feet

Listen to his Children's Sermon on the Sermon Page

Celebrating NEW Members

1-29-23 Baptisms

Bro. Aaron Baptizes 6 Church Members

(One surprised everyone and joined Goshen the same day!)







Christmas Specials

(Youth Group and Youth Joins Choir)

Children's Special Christmas Day 12-25-2
00:00 / 03:51
Choir Special with Youth Christmas Day 1
00:00 / 03:55
Adlee Piano Special
00:00 / 01:07

Youth, Adlee Beaty Piano Special

Tribute to 50+ Year Members
00:00 / 06:52

190th Anniversary Celebration!

Tribute to Members and Song Variety

9-17-22 Choir Special
00:00 / 03:38
9-16-22 Choir Special Final
00:00 / 03:21
9-16-22 Congregation Precious Memories F
00:00 / 00:58

God at Work on Father's Day!

Bro. Aaron Baptizes 7 Church Members







Bro. Aaron

Celebrating Graduates at Goshen!

Bro. Aaron presents gifts to Gavin, Braeden and Ellie 

Newest Members at Goshen!

Kevin and Judy Dooley

A Celebration of Life, History and Faith!

Virginia Brethorst 

6-13-21 Children's Camp Songs
00:00 / 03:56

A Celebration of Life, History and Faith!

Sunday, May 16th, 2021, Goshen celebrated two young ladies who have been pillars of the Church... Ola Mae Taggart, 94 and Esther Lewis, 101 years old. Both have meant so much to the Church Family and have contributed a ton over the years. As Esther reminded us, "Over half of the congregation is a descendant of her!" HA! So much love... Their support and faith have meant a lot and they have both been such great examples to us all.  God is so good.

Ola Mae & Esther
00:00 / 03:20
4-29-21 Children's Special Spring Meetin
00:00 / 02:17

See the newly remodeled fellowship hall and sanctuary (2020)

as well as the new office and porch/deck. 

What a BLESSED Easter Weekend with Weather, Easter Egg Hunt, Sunrise Service, Breakfast, a Second Service and TONS of Fellowship with Family and Friends!

Enjoy a few photos from the Easter Egg Hunt and the children's special song... AND be sure to listen to Bro. Aaron's sermons! 

Baptism in the Missouri River 3/26/21

Yes, Goshen has a baptistry inside the sanctuary, but per the wishes of Goshen's new member, Brother Dustin Bennett, a "Big Muddy" or "Mighty MO" baptism was in order. He always dreamed of this day and Elder Aaron Beaty delightfully performed the ceremony with the help of one of the Deacons, Myron Helms. With a beautiful 65 degree temperature outside, the water was not so warm, but the Missouri River welcomed the baptism along with many of Goshen's church members, family and friends. Congratulations, Bro. Dustin! 



Primitive Baptist Church

Constituted September 21, 1832


It has been many years since I did a church newsletter, but I am going to give it a shot and see if I can keep up with it for those who are unable to attend church regularly.  I may not get one out every week, but I will attempt to send one out at least monthly at a minimum.  I welcome input from those receiving it.


Because July 4 was on a Sunday, we moved our dinner day and business meeting to the second Sunday, July 11.   It was good to fellowship with our carry-in lunch after such a long time without it due to Covid. 


At our business meeting, Brother Aaron reported that Brother Matthew Johnson has accepted our invitation to be our guest speaker at our annual meeting in 2022.  Brother Matthew is a Licentiate speaker from Mt. View PB Church in Ft. Payne, AL.  The exact date is yet to be determined.  We will plan it around Brother Matthew’s schedule.  Goshen will also be hosting the Primitive Baptist Foundation meeting in April of 2022.  As was decided previously, we will be extending an invitation to Elder Jason Solomon to speak for our annual meeting in 2023.  Elder Jason is from the Northside PB Church in Marietta, GA.


In recent months, some of our Bible Study teachers have changed.  Brother Aaron is now teaching the Junior Class, Sister Cassandra is leading the Young Adult Class, and Sister Karlene Baylous is leading the older Adult Class.  Sister Gail is still teaching Beginners and Sister Carol is teaching Primary.  We have classes for all ages and encourage everyone to come at 9:30 for Bible Study.


We had a wonderful concert at Goshen on Monday, July 12, presented by Chris Golden.  He is an inspirational singer and is the son of William Lee Golden (of the Oak Ridge Boys).  Chris enjoyed learning the history of our church and hopes to return sometime in the future.  Chris did many traditional gospel songs and had us singing along with him.


In May, we honored Sisters Esther Lewis, 101, and Ola Mae Taggart, 94, for their birthdays.  In July, Sister Virginia Bretthorst was honored for her birthday, 95.  Each of these ladies were presented with flowers and our love from the church for their many years of dedicated service to Goshen.


We are hoping to get a mini Vacation Bible School session scheduled and a back-to-school activity planned for the youth before school starts. 

God’s blessings to each of you,

Brenda Austin

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